The Team

Family Doctor

Reena Killian


Dr. Reena Kilian completed her medical degree at the University of Toronto, followed by a Family and Community Medicine residency at North York General Hospital in Toronto. She has engaged in additional training in Clinical Nutrition and Obesity with international paediatric feeding expert, Dr. Glenn Berall and KinderCare executive director, Dr. Dan Flanders. Her clinic at Kindercare links her special interests in clinical nutrition and psychotherapy. Reena is involved in medical education at the University of Toronto at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. She aims to provide an honest, direct, and holistic medical practice.

Reena is a proud wife, sister and daughter. When she isn’t practicing medicine, you’ll find her tending her vegetable garden and cooking and experimenting in the kitchen (hopefully with food from the garden).

Apart from her clinic here at Kindercare, Reena is a hospitalist at the Centre for Additions and Mental Health and has a family practice. She is the co-director of the Family Matters podcast. You can find her on Twitter @reenakilian.