Booking Appointments and Communicating Personal Health Information With Kindercare

Please use the following forms to 1) ensure personal health information privacy, 2) safely and efficiently direct information to the appropriate recipients and 3) help book patient appointments properly and in a timely fashion:

Primary Care Forms (for communicating/booking with your child’s regular primary care doctor)

  1. ‘Routine Bookings’ Form 
    Use this secure form to book well baby/child checkups and nonurgent follow-up appointments
  2. ‘Urgent/Non-Routine Bookings’ Form
    Use this secure form for new-onset or urgent problems such as new-onset illness, injuries, etc
  3. ‘Cancel/Reschedule An Exisiting Appointment’ Form
    Use this secure form when you need to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment
  4. ‘Prescription Refill Request’ Form
    Use this form when you need the doctor to refill a prescription
  5. ‘Request Patient Information From Kindercare’ Form
    Use this secure form to request personal health information such as lab results, medical reports, status referrals etc.
  6. ‘Send Patient Information To Kindercare Form’
    Use this secure form to send Kindercare a clinical update or to share personal health information about your child.

Subspecialist Care Forms (For communicating/booking with a specialty clinic or with a specialist who is seeing your child as a consultant)

  1. coming soon…

If for any reason, you are not sure which form to use or the process isn’t working for you, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you.