Vaccinations at Kindercare Pediatrics

At Kindercare Pediatrics, we follow the Ontario Ministry of Health’s recommendations for administering routine pediatric vaccinations.

During well baby visits at Kindercare Pediatrics, you (the parent/caregiver) can expect to meet your baby’s doctor, discuss any concerns that may be on your mind, and review important learning points regarding your baby’s safety, health, nutrition, development, and other aspects of parenting. Your child’s doctor will also conduct a physical examination and address any points of concern arising from the visit. Prior to concluding the encounter, you and your doctor will determine if any vaccines are due for your child and one of our nurses will administer the recommended vaccines.

The routine baby care schedule and delivery of OHIP-insured vaccines are as follows:

  • Newborn period (usually 2-3 days after delivery) – No routine vaccines offered
  • Weight check (usually 1-3 days after the newborn visit) – No routine vaccines offered
  • 1 month of age – No routine vaccines offered
  • 2 months of age – DPTPH, pneumococcus, and rotavirus vaccines offered
  • 4 months of age – DPTPH, pneumococcus, and rotavirus vaccines offered
  • 6 months of age – DPTPH vaccine offered
  • 9 months of age – No routine vaccines offered
  • 12 months of age – MMT, Meningitis C, Pneumococcus vaccines offered
  • 15 months of age – Varicella vaccine offered
  • 18 months of age – DPTPH vaccine offered
  • 24 months of age – No routine vaccines offered
  • We recommend annual visits to the pediatrician after 2 years of age

Keep in mind that the above is not a comprehensive schedule; it only represents vaccines covered by OHIP, Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan.  In other words, Ontario parents are not charged any money for their children to receive these vaccines.

There are additional vaccines that are recommended by Health Canada but that are not insured by OHIP.  Parents are expected to cover the cost for non-OHIP-insured vaccines out-of-pocket although sometimes they are covered by extended health insurance policies.  These recommended but uncovered vaccines include: Meningitis ACYW vaccine (if given before grade 7), Meningitis B vaccine, Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine (if given before grade 7), HPV vaccine (if given before grade 7).

In an ideal world, children would receive all recommended infant/childhood vaccines.  To accommodate this, the physicians at Kindercare Pediatrics have developed a more comprehensive schedule that incorporates both insured and uninsured vaccines into routine primary care.  Please feel free to review this schedule by clicking here.

If you are concerned that your child(ren)’s vaccinations may not be up to date, please reach out to your primary care provider who will be able to help.

If your child is a patient at Kindercare Pediatrics, please contact us and we will do our best to help.