My Colleague, Partner, and Friend has ALS

Dr. Glenn Berall, my mentor and friend, has ALS.

I met Glenn in 2006 at which time I was a pediatrics resident doing a rotation in developmental pediatrics.  I spent some time in his feeding clinic and immediately felt inspired by and attracted to his passion for caring, his innovative thinking, his family-centered practice style, and his extraordinary talent as a clinician and teacher.  I knew, right away, that I would like to spend my professional career working with Glenn. We soon became great friends, colleagues, and eventually professional partners.  He taught me virtually everything I know about pediatric nutrition. He opened countless professional doors of opportunity for me. And most of all, he was, and continues to be, a wonderful friend.

Glenn currently has limited means to prepare for the eventual progression of his ALS.  At the moment, he and his wife, Darlene,  are making arrangements for home care, a wheelchair and renovations to accomodate those. A community fundraising website has been set up to help raise funds for this.

If you wish, please consider making a contribution.  Further details here: